memories Quiz

    Choose the most appropriate answer for each question.
  • Question 1 :
  • He was a perfect matter of the Greek, Latin and French languages; and, which is seldom known to happen, had at once such a prodigious ______, and unexhaustible fund of wit, as would have singly been admired, and much more united.
    1. memories
    2. memory
  • Question 2 :
  • And if perchance some fleeting ________ steal, Like far-off echoes to my dreaming ear, Away, ungrasped, the cheating visions wheel, As spectres start upon the wing of fear.
    1. memories
    2. memory
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Other Vocabulary

Look-Alike Words
  1. en memoried
  2. fr mémoriel
  3. en memorizes
  4. fr mémoriels
  5. fr mémorisés
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