fierce Quiz

EN[fɪəs] [fɪɹs] [-ɪə(ɹ)s]
    Choose the most appropriate answer for each question.
  • Question 1 :
  • America’s poverty line is $63 a day for a family of four. In the richer parts of the emerging world $4 a day is the poverty barrier. But poverty’s scourge is ________ below $1.25 (the average of the 15 poorest countries’ own poverty lines, measured in 2005 dollars and adjusted for differences in purchasing power): people below that level live lives that are poor, nasty, brutish and short.
    1. fiercest
    2. fiercer
    3. fierce
  • Question 2 :
  • But there was sophistication and beauty in the way that traditional African dance motifs, like the ______, stamping Zulu indlamu sequences, were woven together with more sinuous abstract movements.
    1. fiercest
    2. fiercer
    3. fierce
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