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  • Question 1 :
  • In _________ the machinations of superrich Democratic activists like George Soros , who blew through close to $30 million of his wealth in an unsuccessful attempt to unelect George W. Bush in 2004, and barricade-bashing cyberpunks like Markos Moulitsas Zúniga, founder of the popular Daily Kos Web site, whose participant-readers attack all things Republican with the same fervor they showed when championing the already forgotten Ned Lamont in his unsuccessful attempt to unseat Senator Joseph Lieberman in 2006, Bai reluctantly and repeatedly owns up to a hard truth: “There’s not much reason to think that the Democratic Party has suddenly overcome its confusion about the passing of the industrial economy and the cold war, events that left the party, over the last few decades, groping for some new philosophical framework.”
    1. detailings
    2. detailing
  • Question 2 :
  • At the end of the second act the main villain gave a soliloquy _________ his plans to attack the protagonist.
    1. detailings
    2. detailing
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