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    Choose the most appropriate answer for each question.
  • Question 1 :
  • Parameters are then non-linearly re-scaled to the range of 0 to 15 to create a 4 bit acoustic vector component. Empirical non-linear scales were pre-determined for each parameter such that, over the long term, their values distributed evenly across a set of hexadecile bins representing the full range of the parameter. In the current system a separate non-linear scaling was established for each individual speaker, and, given the extent of the ANDOSL data used, this ________ to deriving equiprobable bins from approximately 10 minutes of spoken phonemically-rich sentence data.
    1. amounting
    2. amounted
    3. amounts
    4. amount
  • Question 2 :
  • These cryoprotectants act colligatively by replacing the water and thus decreasing the ______ of ice formed in the body.
    1. amounting
    2. amounted
    3. amounts
    4. amount
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  4. en seamounts
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