Choose the most appropriate answer for each question.
  • Question 1 :
  • The beautifully hypnotic patterns that have become an earmark, of the Ritual Trio are well suited to Bang's varied solo flights; on the album's _________ "Pedro," Bang's rough violin scrapes convey a backwoodsy ruralism, recalling the rootsy fiddle playing of southern prewar black string bands, while the title track with its propulsive near-swing finds him putting out a wild, Ornette-ish sound splash.
    1. more affecting
    2. most affecting
    3. affecting
  • Question 2 :
  • In the paper by Patnaik et al., it was revealed that age, transfusion needs at diagnosis and dysgranulopoiesis were independent factors _________ survival reduction in patients with chromosome 5 long arm deletion syndrome.
    1. more affecting
    2. most affecting
    3. affecting
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