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EN[ˈrɪtn̩] [-ɪtən]

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    1. Some of these exhibit variations from the modern text, but being written by not very highly educated persons, they seldom or never present any various readings that it would be desirable to adopt, and indeed contain now and then prosodical errors.
    2. Every rational number can be written as either a terminating decimal or a recurring decimal.
    3. Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata" is written in C♯ minor (C sharp minor.)
    4. It was written by a fellow named Hans S. Tommerholt, and I apologize to you all, but there's actually a slashy thing through the first "o" in his last name,
    5. It was written between 1929 and 1930 and deals with a famine caused by speculative investments of the Meat King of Chicago, Pierpont Mauler.
    6. The poor public... is driven back to toshy novels about problems, written by cooks.
    7. In God We Trust - written on denominations of US currency
    8. She has written a fierce, haunting book about exile and loss and family love, and how that love can survive distance and separation, loss and abandonment and somehow endure, undented and robust.
    9. 2003 - This morning he said he could not remember exactly where or how the invoice was written. It was used to cover up an under the counter payment from the sale of his land in Lucan. (RTE News, 19 Sept 2003) [3]
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