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    1. Woven kevlar is tough enough to be bulletproof.
    2. The woven words of the sonnet were deep and moving.
    3. The spider had woven her web on a corner of the attic.
    4. The author takes rural midwestern life as a canvas for a series of tightly woven character studies.
    5. Madeline Weinrib, for one, works with traditional artisans to update the hand-woven ikats she uses for her chic clutches.
    6. But there was sophistication and beauty in the way that traditional African dance motifs, like the fierce, stamping Zulu indlamu sequences, were woven together with more sinuous abstract movements.
    7. It is made of jusi cloth, that is, cloth woven from banana leaf fiber.
    8. Even the diverse elements, the minute side-studies and the profuse comments, are all woven into the organic structure, and are essential to the unfoldment of the plot.
    9. In light of the frequent kidnappings in Iraq, do you suppose someone could invent a small tracking device that could be woven onto clothing and hard to find on it so that when someone gets kidnapped, the tracking devices could pin down their location?
    10. Upclomb the shadowy pine above the woven copse - Alfred Tennyson

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