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  • Examples of worried
    1. She was worried about her son who had been sent off to fight in the war.
    2. He worried needlessly about his dog.
    3. The reviewer was worried that, were a certain host hired for the game show, he would begin giving away dreck for prizes instead of the good stuff they did for years.
    4. I'm worried that the load on that transformer will be too high.
    5. I am worried about our boss's move.
    6. The downside, though no one seems terribly worried about it, is that with new programs springing up every year, a lot of costly nurturing of nontalent takes place as well.
    7. At first, she was worried, but that feeling soon passed. ‎
    8. A variation on a theme is the radiating sweat beads, or "plewds," shown when someone is working hard or is very worried.
    9. The President was worried into military action by persistent advisors.
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