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  • Examples of word
    1. I think we should have a word.
    2. She knew she was in big trouble when the teacher asked to have a word with her after class.
    3. to innovate a word or an act
    4. to keep to old customs, to a rule, or to one's word or promise
    5. They shoot their own teammates, they kill steal, they fill the chat window with the word ‘LOL’, they camp, and they smash people’s stuff.
    6. muddle up the letters in the word, and try to make new ones.
    7. English speakers have naturalized the French word "café".
    8. Most English speakers palatalize the letter t in the word "nature".
    9. The word "orange" can be pluralized into "oranges".
    10. The word ain't is proscribed by many authorities. ‎
    11. After the word layout is changed, you must go back and reindent the text.
  • Examples of words
    1. The professor spoke learnedly for an hour about his abstruse scholarship; but he couldn't string two words together to speak to the pretty woman.
    2. Luckily, the members of the committee were on the same wavelength, so we didn't have endless discussions about what words meant.
    3. All the hard words in this sentence have been spelled fon-et-ik-al-lee (phonetically).
    4. He wasn't very good with words or numbers; he was more of a practically-minded person ‎
    5. When I warned him that his words might be offensive to identical twins, he said that identical twins were a quite different case.
    6. scrawlingly joined words
    7. Although the words were not slavishly borrowed, the expressions partook of the simple dignity of the liturgy to which she had been accustomed, and was probably as worthy of the Being to whom they were addressed as they could well be made by human powers.
    8. You say so little with too many words.
    9. But when the playwright Lynn Nottage spoke the first two words of the title to Congolese women in the refugee camps of Uganda in 2004, she said, they repeated them in such a way that the words became woundingly new.
  • Examples of worded
    1. Her plain-Jane appearance lulled the Secret Service representatives for a while but it wasn't long before she out f-worded them and became the assertive one in this space chase, [ …]
  • Examples of wording
    1. He was able to write out the speeches of Hamlet, letter perfect. It was impressive to see how exactly he knew the wording.
    2. The wording of the legislation was somewhat open-ended in that it authorized not only the Bertillon signaletic system, but also "any measurements, processes or operations sanctioned by the Governor in Council having the like object in view."
    3. The wording of the ballot paper loaded the vote in favour of the Conservative candidate.
    4. The behavioral expression of pedophilic disorder often involves nonconsenting victims, since prepubescent children cannot legally give consent to sexual activity. However, the diagnostic criteria for pedophilic disorder have retained their DSM-IV-TR wording and thus differ from the DSM-5 diagnostic criteria for the other paraphilic disorders involving nonconsenting victims.
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