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  • Examples of vertex
    1. Construct a circle that touches each vertex of the given triangle.
    2. If that subgraph contains the vertex in question then it must be spanning. ‎
    3. Each vertex of the superbond lattice is surrounded by four bonds of the original lattice.
  • Examples of vertices
    1. They [the students] also came upon new and unusual mathematical figures: the digon, a two-sided polygon on a spherical space, and the apeirogon, an open polygon with infinitely many sides   [ …] . All these discoveries brought up even more questions. Is a circle a polygon? What makes an octagon an octagon – its eight vertices, its eight sides, or both? Can a polygon cross itself? Does a polygon need to be closed?
    2. A directed graph (A,R) is a set of vertices A together with an incidence relation R: if aRb then there is an edge going from A to B.

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