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    1. Calibration of this analysis was achieved using a selection of fossils [72 –80 ] employed in previous dating analyses [78 ,79 ,81 ,82 ], plus a recently described mapanioid sedge fossil [83 ].
    2. Several existing structured penalties satisfy these conditions; thus, regularized learning with these penalties is solvable quickly using the parametric maxflow algorithm.
    3. The comparative trophic ecology of GOM and MED BFT larvae was assessed using SIA of larvae in relation to baseline feeding levels defined by the micro and the mesozooplankton size fractions.
    4. To obtain metaphasic chromosomes, root-tip spreads were prepared using pectinase (15 U/ml) and cellulase (80 U/ml) digestion prior to squashing in 45% acetic acid onto cleaned microscope slides as described by Schwarzacher et al.
    5. Whole cell and microaspirated lipid body lipidomic analysis was performed in collaboration with Metabolon Inc. Heatmaps were generated using the RColorBrewer and gplots packages in R [32 , 34 ].
    6. After 24 h, the thicknesses of the ear and hind paw were measured using a digital microcaliper.
    7. Using a microcannula connected to the tip of a 30 gauge needle and Hamilton syringe (Hamilton Company, Reno, NV), 5μl of blood was injected into the scala tympani through the left cochleostomy site using an infusion pump for 2 minutes.
    8. OCR measurements performed using the stirred microchamber system are accurate, quantitative, operator-independent, and can be performed prospectively.
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