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EN[juːs(t).tu] [juːs(t).tə]

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    1. Tamoxifen , used to treat breast cancer, will be offered for $9 for a 30-day supply, as will combination estrogen/methyltestosterone tablets, prescribed for menopause and hormone deficiency.
    2. Minheaps are often used to implement priority queues.
    3. Certain drugs such as modafinil, used to treat narcolepsy, have been shown to improve cognition and are becoming increasingly popular with students revising for exams.
    4. As a child with motorphobia, she used to grab her father's hand at the slightest sound of an approaching vehicle.
    5. The natural logarithm can be used to integrate 1/x.
    6. The Mister loved to be teased. He frequently asked for it by lying down and fanning the floor with his tail whilst eyeing you invitingly. We used to tease him about his black nose: called him "nigger nose".
    7. I used to have a pretty clear idea of God. Now we have these new theologians who say God’s inside here not up there or he’s an impersonal noosphere and the anthropomorphic image is out. Three unpersons in one anthropomorphic noosphere.
    8. Poor fellow! how happy would a companion make you, to whom you could relate your battles, bouts, and courtships; but mum is the order, and Jack is used to an implicit obeyance of head-quarter orders.

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