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    1. But now there is tuna from small, family-run companies that ply the Pacific, mostly off northern California, Oregon and Washington, and catch the fish using rods with unbarbed hooks, not vast nets, so there is no unwanted “by-catch.”
    2. Use drag and drop to move the unwanted files to the trash.
    3. I have the dubious honor of being in charge of fundraising for roof repair on the town youth gymnasium." Meaning, it's an honor to be tasked yet something unwanted.
    4. I'm going to delete these unwanted files to free up some disk space.
    5. The final whistle prompted a pitch invasion - although there appeared to be an unwanted incident when a supporter seemed to punch Stevenage's Scott Laird, who subsequently fell to the ground.
    6. It's all part of a move toward ghettoization, they charge, an attempt to make the poor feel so shamefully unwanted that they will leave the area.
    7. I accidentally saved my unwanted changes and overwrote the version of the document I wanted to keep.
    8. WES in soybean has also been used to identify unwanted intracultivar genetic heterogeneity in the exome that may affect the plant’s phenotype (Haun et al. 2011).
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