EN[tɜːn] [tɝn] [-ɜː(r)n]

    Examples of turn in a Sentence

  • Examples of turn
    1. Spread the cards out and then turn two of them over at random.
    2. But Torres's afternoon was to take a turn for the worse for a second week in succession as he was shown a straight red card by referee Mike Dean for a two-footed challenge on Gower.
    3. Please tighten that screw a quarter-turn.
    4. to turn away disaster
    5. to turn away a servant
    6. In Autumn we normally turn the clocks back one hour. ‎
    7. I love that song: turn back to it! ‎
    8. When you make the bed, please always turn the sheet back over the blanket. ‎
    9. We had a terrible year so we agreed to turn back the clock and go on as if it hadn't happened.
    10. Turn down the television so I can hear myself think.
    11. When it starts to boil, turn down the heat to a simmer.
    12. Turn down the blankets to let them air out.
  • Examples of turns
    1. Whereas for the turning bias (contra- and ipsiversive turns) both drugs interacted according to an additive mode (non significant “Radiprodil x Tozadenant” statistical interaction).
    2. It is worth noting that subjects invest considerable amounts of time on the noncrucial turns (i.e. on average about 16 seconds), but these investments have no payoff.
    3. The conspirators grabbed up the candy-cup wrappings that had been carefreely strewn about, took turns tearing off pieces of the box, and side-handed them into the storm sewer across the street.
    4. Well, with a whiff whaff, little Georgy was back with five foot or so. Clarice turns around and shoos him out.
    5. She had some additional safety recommendations: keep your feet flat on the cart floor, avoid sudden turns, use the hand grip above your head for stability and don’t make any postfactory changes to the cart, like disabling the speed governor.
    6. In particular, our attention turns to multiplicative loops which have either a normal subloop of positive dimension or which contain a $1$-dimensional compact subgroup.
  • Examples of turned
    1. Hundreds of people turned out to see the parade. ‎
    2. They turned over the evidence to the authorities.
    3. It seemed that there was someone behind me; but when I turned round, no one was there.
    4. He turned the glass round and examined the other side.
    5. But as United saw the game out, little did they know that, having looked likely to win their 13th Premier League title, it was City who turned the table to snatch glory from their arch-rivals' grasp.
    6. I tried to help, but they turned up their noses at my advice.
    7. They turned the house upside down looking for the car keys.
    8. Two groups that have had ties to insurgents, the Islamic Party Fighters and forces of the 20th Revolution brigade, counterattacked in support of the local residents, apparently having turned against those insurgents because of their links to Al Qaeda.
    9. In Blood and Sand, meanwhile, Valentino repeatedly solicits the attention of women who have turned away from him.
    10. He’s turned out to be a true friend. ‎
  • Examples of turning
    1. The Nielsen report also revealed a rise in consumers turning to specialist stores for fresh fruit and vegies.
    2. And when I suggested turning the aircon off to make the battery last longer, he threw back his head and laughed; later I read that the car’s economy driving mode does exactly that, turning off aircon to extend the car’s range.
    3. "But since they commenced to turning folks away, off dry-handed, giving them nothing while folks were getting hungry, well then the federal government fixed the welfare.
    4. Whereas for the turning bias (contra- and ipsiversive turns) both drugs interacted according to an additive mode (non significant “Radiprodil x Tozadenant” statistical interaction).
    5. The dork holding the torch — usually an eager first-time safari-goer - is soon sitting with eyes and lips clenched tight, turning blue from the effort of not inhaling bugs through his nose.
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