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  • Examples of treatment
    1. Because of the seriousness of the injury the doctor is anaesthetising the area before treatment.
    2. If these maizes were two boys, not improbably the one would be caned for failing to respond to treatment so efficacious in the case of the other.
    3. Further, we hypothesized that the FMPI and the CSOM would respond to treatment, and/or withdrawal of treatment, and show criterion validity with the actimetry measures.
    4. It is known that allergoids obtained by treatment with aldehydes are randomly cross-linked proteins of high molecular weight and their standardization is very difficult.
    5. Aesthetic and functional rehabilitation of a fractured complicated anterior crown using allogenous tooth fragment is a better alternative to other more conventional treatment options.
    6. Nitrofuranes are well known for their antichagasic activity: Nifurtimox—as well as benznidazole, the second treatment available for Chagas’ disease- has been shown to be activated by a NADH-dependent, mitochondrially localized type I nitroreductase.
  • Examples of treatments
    1. He began to deteriorate rapidly from an ill-defined dementing illness, and his confusion and intermittent agitation did not respond to the standard treatments that were tried.
    2. “What usually happens is someone comes in for endovenous treatments for larger veins and a lot of times they’ll say, ‘While you’re at it, take a look at these smaller veins and let me know if you can do anything about them,’ ” Dr. Zelickson said.
    3. Ms. Mate’s symptoms responded to another approach — two treatments to inhibit firing of the pudendal nerve, which enervates the lowest muscles of the pelvis, plus regular use of an anticonvulsant drug.
    4. The results represent the mean ± S.E. of tetraplicate experimental treatments (n = 4).
    5. The main treatments now for osteoporosis are drugs called bisphosphonates, like Actonel, Boniva and alendronate, the generic version of Merck’s Fosamax.
    6. Since the development of fiber optics, treatments utilizing catheterization have replaced some former surgical procedures.
    7. This latest discovery should eventually lead to much better treatments for disease.
    8. The Ancients widely regarded linseed as a source of medical treatments
    9. She started out requesting microdermabrasion facial treatments and has since added Botox shots and Restylane filler injections to her medspa repertoire.
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