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EN[təˈwɔːd] [twɔɹd] [tɔɹd] [-ɔː(ɹ)d]

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    1. It's all part of a move toward ghettoization, they charge, an attempt to make the poor feel so shamefully unwanted that they will leave the area.
    2. Even Eliot who is too fine an artist to allow himself to be exploited by a blockhead grammaticaster turns recently toward 'one definite false note' in his quatrains,
    3. Sergeant, direct your gunfire toward that copse of trees.
    4. The second technical was called after Mayo walked back toward the players gathered at halfcourt.
    5. One line of steps we traced from the spot to the haw-haw; they were very distinct upon the turf; the heel was toward the haw-haw, the toe toward the spot where the murder was committed. — George Payne Rainsford James.
    6. Masculine images in the ballet tend toward one of two poles: the homoeroticism of contemporary European choreographers [ … ] , and the men-drained-of-maleness we often see in Cunningham's dances.
    7. However, for pins on the bowler's right, such as the 3, 6, 9, or 10, move more toward the center of the foul line if you bowl a straight ball or slightly to the left of the center of the foul line if you bowl a hook.
    8. The losing side bore no ill will toward the winners.
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