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EN[ˈtɔɪ.lət] [-ɔɪlɪt]

    Examples of toilet in a Sentence

  • Examples of toilet
    1. Adjournment didn't come a minute too soon for those of us who needed the toilet.
    2. The toilet was emitting a pungent, foul aroma.
    3. The moment I sat on the toilet, my crap immediately came out of my arsehole.
    4. It is possible to connect your tank to your toilet cistern and/or garden, so that even if the water is not drinkable it still can be used productively to make major water savings.
    5. The contraction of AIDS from toilet seats is extremely rare.
    6. The soldiers found a variety of creative uses for their payment scrip after its defacement to scrap paper; some used it as toilet paper.
    7. a toilet-paper dispenser
    8. So I didn't put the toilet seat down — you don't have to make a federal case out of it.
    9. He left a floater in the toilet.
    10. We tried to repair the toilet, but it broke again after two or three flushings.
  • Examples of toilets
    1. Can you tell me where the toilets are? I'm bursting.
    2. Can you tell me where the toilets are? I'm busting.
    3. Single-sex toilets.
    4. Glory holes are often found in public toilets and are likely to be used for gay male activities.
    5. I loathe scrubbing toilets.
  • Examples of toileting
    1. The patient was managed by a combination of preoperative and postoperative antihelminthic therapy along with laparotomy, cyst deroofing, toileting and omentoplasty.
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