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EN[tɛkst] [-ɛkst]

    Examples of text in a Sentence

  • Examples of text
    1. pdf2txt, i.e. conversion from PDF to plain text
    2. All of the charts, graphs and design elements are intact, but everything —— including the text —— is indecipherably small without zooming in.
    3. The critic gave rave reviews to the adapter of the ancient play, who worked to give the text more relevance to the modern day.
    4. Screenreaders for the blind read out the alt text when they encounter an image on a Web page.
    5. The text has been reviewed, but the photographer hasn't delivered some of the artwork.
    6. god damn it babies, you've got to involuntarily practice some degree of autocannibalism - alt text for Dinosaur Comics, February 15, 2012, [1]
    7. There were no bars so I didn't get your text.
  • Examples of texts
    1. He frequently set his stories in a pretechnological past and was easily enthralled by the authority of ancient texts.
    2. I can read and understand mosts texts in German, but my speaking is awful.
    3. Some of the untidiness that goes unrecounted in both physics and philosophy of science texts will be revealed in Sects. 11 and 12 .
    4. She pictured the runty Marine general--a veteran of the Nicaraguan campaigns--standing feistily between opposing texts.
    5. His archive of Old High German language texts is the most extensive in Britain.
    6. Revisiting familiar lied texts [ … ] or simply balladeering in The Light That Is Felt, Ives begins songs the way we expect him to and then takes us someplace we would not have thought of going.
    7. Both texts, included here in Hebrew and English, featured the four cups of wine; the matzoh, or unleavened bread; the bitter herbs; haroset, a sweet paste of fruit and spices; engaging children in the ritual; and many of the prayers found in Seders today.
    8. The big difference between the average biblical scholar and a semiotician is, that the latter is not a consumer of texts, but tries to become, together with the text, a co-producer of meaning.
  • Examples of texted
    1. Maria told me her and Jake were sex-texting and he texted her a picture of his big dick!
    2. When I texted her, I accidentally asked her "Are you at good?" because good is a textonym of home.
    3. It was reported [...] they had exchanged raunchy texts. Ms Uchitel denied all that yesterday, saying: "I have never sex-texted in my life."
  • Examples of texting
    1. And while cellphones are at least experientially related to the land line, and e-mail feels tangentially related to the fax, texting is simultaneously a throwback to the telegraph and a harbinger of a new age.
    2. At home, one could conceivably reach down and flip on one’s new toy when one’s family member, despite having been admonished about texting friends at the dinner table, continues to peer lapward, hands curled around a tiny — but now ineffectual — keypad.
    3. Maria told me her and Jake were sex-texting and he texted her a picture of his big dick!
    4. Have you been texting all afternoon?
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