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EN[tiːm] [-iːm]

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  • Examples of team
    1. The physical education instructor also served as the coach of the track team.
    2. Picture Sorts are the tools most useful to the ad team because it shows them, in pictures instead of words, what is and is not working in the ad.
    3. He lost his place in the national team. ‎
    4. They phoned hoping to place her in the management team. ‎
    5. The scoreboard shows a little football symbol next to the name of the team that has possession.
    6. Being on a team is hard: you're always having to go to practice while everyone else is taking it easy.
    7. His team came second in the pub quiz and won a bottle of wine.
    8. The England team hit a purple patch just after half-time, where they scored 3 goals in 10 minutes, but in the end they were lucky to escape with a 3-3 draw.
  • Examples of teams
    1. The teams met on the diamond.
    2. Finally, the truest measure of quality: In interconference games, Western teams have a 57-38 record against the East, including overtime and penalty shootout results — a winning percentage of .600.
    3. The best intraconference games involving Big East teams are South Florida at Auburn on Sept. 8, West Virginia at Maryland on Sept. 13, Louisville at Kentucky on Sept. 15 and Maryland at Rutgers on Sept. 29.
    4. Intramural sports involve teams that are all within the same school.
    5. “Multicultural teams today are like the multigender teams of yesterday,” said Ilene H. Lang, the president of Catalyst, a research and advisory organization that aims to expand opportunities for women at work.
    6. In games against nondivision teams last Monday through Friday, Central teams won 2 and lost 16.
    7. Only six teams from nonpower conferences received at-large bids, a surprising development in one of the more unpredictable N.C.A.A. tournament unveilings in recent years.
    8. “It’s not abnormal for MEAC records to be a little lopsided in preconference play,” Norfolk State Coach Tara Owens said, “because we’re playing top-notch teams, and a lot of us play guarantee games to assist our budgets.
  • Examples of teamed
    1. They teamed to complete the project.
    2. The ice cream shop teamed up with the cookie and brownie place next door to create wonderful sundaes.
    3. Lehrer's songs--cynical and sarcastic, Tin Pan Alley style black humor, as if Lenny Bruce teamed up with Lerner and Loewe--were welcome assaults on the bland conformism of their day, the prepsychedelic early 1960s; we could use some of that biting comedy in the yuppified 80s, and David Whitehouse and Andy Miller, whose songs form the spine of this brief show, seem willing to oblige.
  • Examples of teaming
    1. In nonelection years — the “off season” for political consultants — Democratic and Republican strategists have worked together on corporate accounts before, but the amount of teaming up now is striking, even to some of Washington’s oldest hands.
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