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    1. Paranhos, father of the Barão do Rio Branco, was a foremost statesman of the monarchy and celebrated for his Platine diplomacy.
    2. The statesman's tell-all memoirs were not published until long after death.
    3. as he approaches to the character of the ablest statesman.
    4. Leopold himself must have envied such perfect correctitude; but what may be admirable in an elderly statesman is alarming in a maiden of nineteen.
    5. To a practical statesman that will seem perhaps a counsel of perfection; and, certainly, it is a counsel that, at every stage, will encounter acute difficulties of practical operation.
    6. I see they was goin, so I said:-- "My week-minded and misgided femails, hold your hosses a minnit, until an old statesman, who has served his country for 4 yeer as Gustise of the Peece, says a few remarks to you."
  • Examples of statesmen
    1. Statesmen sometimes need some whoopingly big lies to justify to themselves and their followers actions which they contemplate.
    2. And statesmen as well ought to know these things; for a state is often as much in want of money and of such devices for obtaining it as a household, or even more so; hence some public men devote themselves entirely to finance.
    3. A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do.
    4. Vidal is at once more detached and more preoccupied with his own view, celebrating an aristocracy of sensibility constantly thwarted and ignored by those mere whores after fame, the statesmen and politicians.
    5. But when he entered the halls of Congress and tried the same spectacularisms upon some of the thoughtful statesmen of the time he met with ridicule.
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