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    1. 25 December 2004 Boston Globe - In Washington state, the race for governor drags on -- and on
    2. As Ms Shafak summarises, “the state is privileged, all-powerful and yet paradoxically safeguarded as if it were a fragile entity in need of protection.” Between it and its citizens a gulf looms; conversely, officials elide its interests with their own.
    3. Baiting fish is not illegal in this state, but strongly frowned upon.
    4. It is astonishing that the meaning of a single declarative sentence enshrined in the Bill of Rights has evaded judicial construction establishing, at a minimum, some bedrock level of state sovereignty upon which the federal government can not impinge.
    5. When I state that your dog is brown, I am not implying that all dogs are brown
    6. A state-of-the-art ‘Mars yard’ is now ready to put the ExoMars rover through its paces before the vehicle is launched to the Red Planet in 2018.[1]
  • Examples of states
    1. All that hogshit about mental disorders and dream states and such.
    2. Introspectability cannot be the mark of the mental because one can introspect physical states, like indigestion or other internal physical events in the body.
    3. The law of identity states that an apple is an apple.
    4. In contrast, permutation-symmetric pure states feature rather low geometric entanglement and strong and robust macroscopicity..
    5. The monoanion and dianion states are both potentially relevant at biological pH. The dianion strongly absorbs photons at 480 nm and gives a strong emission peak at 517 nm.
    6. We talk a lot about being "a nation of laws," but some of the laws found on the books of states, counties and municipalities are a bit much.
    7. One study in the US modeled a 54% reduction in nonbacteremic pneumococcal pneumonia in adults 65 years and older in states that had achieved over 80% vaccination coverage in children under two years.
    8. We also briefly study the role of nonisochronicity parameter on chimera states, where the existence of multi-chimera state with respect to the coupling range is pointed out.
    9. Recently enacted three-strikes laws in several states similarly provide an opportunity to test the deterrence hypothesis.
  • Examples of stated
    1. stated preaching
    2. stated business hours
    3. The eloquent speaker persuasively stated her argument.
    4. The bishop, a highly placed churchman, stated the religion's opinion.
    5. He stated the case but I did disaccord.
    6. The window display was made up of an assortment of rather curiously shaped guns, rifles as well as small arms; and a glowing sign in the window stated: THE FINEST ENERGY WEAPONS IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE.
    7. "Several other witnesses gave corroborative evidence, and a constable who helped to arrest the prisoners stated that one of them, on being taken into custody, said: 'Ah, well, this is a fair cop.'"
    8. The problem is exactly the one you have stated: many people would not be comfortable with a sudden genderswap in the Doctor, when the possibility has not even been hinted at in the past.
    9. Because the special subject pledged continues the debtor's property, therefore if it perishes during the impignoration, it perishes to the debtor, according to the rule stated above, § 20.
  • Examples of stating
    1. The form letter included a canned answer stating that what I asked was against policy.
    2. In stating that the Woosters never give up, I was in error. These words caught me amidships and took all the fighting spirit out of me, leaving me a spent force.
    3. 'Whilst my boat was preparing (a Maltese speronara, with a crew of twelve men, selected for their knowledge of the coast,) I wrote two letters, one to Malta, and the other to Lisbon, stating the loss of the ship.
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