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  • Examples of spy
    1. That was when he played Jimmy Bond, an Americanized version of Ian Fleming’s ladykilling international spy, in an adaptation of “Casino Royale” for the CBS anthology series “Climax!”
    2. Using the sophisticated code was useless since the spy merely stole the plain text from the waste basket.
    3. Some of us are deeply troubled by the presence of the US spy base at Menwith Hill – in our midst and in beautiful Nidderdale.
    4. The former spy behaved treacherously.
    5. The spy was known only by his cryptonym, 'shadow'.
    6. Budgeting a spy organization can't very well be done in daylight. ‎
    7. The dirty cop accepted a bribe from the double agent that was being investigated as a spy.
    8. Taking one of those nuisance trips to the store I spy a gomerette walking a snow white miniature poodle decked out in the stereotypical pom pom cut.
    9. The spy's handler told him to approach the subject by posing as a dog handler.
  • Examples of spies
    1. He spies on the Hitler household by inserting a pantingly nosy narrator who poses as a Nazi Intelligence officer but claims to have been sent by the Devil.
    2. Surveillance was accomplished by means of intercepting the spies' communications.
    3. Any disguise may expose soldiers to be deemed enemy spies.
    4. Spies often disguise themselves.
    5. In the movies spies are always talking over cell phones with built-in scramblers.
    6. Coldly perusing his surveillance cameras one day, Mr. Burns spies nothing but grotesque misconduct: Instead of working, his employees engage in limbo contests, chess games, and, of course, cockfights.
    7. The government ordered the spies to be terminated with extreme prejudice: they did not want them to expose what they knew in a public trial.
  • Examples of spied
    1. Spied a blossom passing fair
    2. She spied on him in the shower and glimpsed his manhood.
    3. 1977: I roused Zero’s suspicions because I began to behave too much like a woman and he started to watch me warily for signs of the tribade. If he had spied any, or surprised me fingering any of his girls, he would have shot me. — Angela Carter, The Passion of New Eve
  • Examples of spying
    1. In her review of Christopher Benfey’s “Summer of Hummingbirds” (May 4), Laura Miller characterizes Benfey as having “a conspiracy theorist’s overeagerness in spying out connections.”
    2. The delight the small crowd of civilians derives from the stunned but affirmative responses made by the soldiers is matched in the following scene by that of a café-goer who, spying the soldiers ordering drinks, exclaims, “Real live poilus!
    3. While other Iranian officials and news reports have said Mr. Rezaian was suspected of spying on Iran’s nuclear program and collecting evidence of sanctions violations, the accusation of collaborating with seditionists had not been reported previously in the Iranian news media.
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