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  • Examples of sports
    1. He plays on three teams.  Who's playing now?   play football ;  play sports;   play games ‎
    2. The decommissioned Hearn power plant is the city's top site to build a long-overdue, four-pad arena to anchor a planned sports complex on the eastern portlands, Toronto Mayor David Miller said yesterday.
    3. He has posters of his favorite band, sports teams and holiday resorts up.
    4. Sam Jacks, the inventor of ringette and floor hockey, and Robert Steadward, whose efforts spearheaded the growth of Paralympic sports, are being inducted in the builder category.
    5. Jen sports with Bill's emotions. ‎
    6. The suaku (literally "mountain tortoise" and figuratively "country bumpkin") sports a beer belly, fake brand-name apparel and oil-slick hair.
    7. Patrick Borkowski develops strength and conditioning programs for acrobatic and combat sports, including synchro, at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.
    8. Trashsport can be described as novel sports competition designed to entertain television viewers.
  • Examples of sportsing
    1. There's a lot of sportsing happening in Brazil this summer. ‎ [said of the 2014 FIFA World Cup]
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