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EN[ˈspɛlɪŋ] [-ɛlɪŋ]

    Examples of spelling in a Sentence

  • Examples of spelling
    1. Spelling: Also mongolian.
    2. An oddball word processor, for example, might never be supported by such helpful tools as spelling checkers, indexing programs, footnote utilities,...
    3. The original manuscript contained spelling errors which were fixed in later versions. ‎
    4. They're part a formal letter, part some type of dialogue. So, what are the rules? Is it okay to throw formality out the window? Does spelling matter?
    5. They decided to stop arguing over which spelling was correct after she began glaring murderously at each person who participated.
  • Examples of spellings
    1. Some words have many spellings: Take, for example, coordinate, which also has a hyphenated spelling variant — co-ordinate — and a dieretic one, coördinate.
    2. The greatest hyphenator ever was Shakespeare (or Shak-speare in some contemporary spellings) because he was so busy adding new words, many of them compounds, to English: “sea-change,” “leap-frog,” “bare-faced,” “fancy-free.”
    3. The computer usually defaults to autocorrecting certain spellings and capitalising first words of sentences.
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