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  • Examples of sound
    1. The mechanism of landmine detection is to ensonify the ground with an acoustic source and measure the intensity of the returning sound waves.
    2. This café likes to Frenchify the names of its dishes to make them sound better than they actually are — they call their fish and chips "poisson-frites".
    3. For which the Germans gutturize a sound. — Coleridge.
    4. Sound off like you got a pair! (drill sergeant in Full Metal Jacket)
    5. I heard a sound from outside the window. ‎
    6. R is the dog's letter, and hurreth in the sound. — Ben Jonson.
    7. The sound of fingernails on a chalkboard just makes my skin crawl.
    8. Solid bodies, if they be very softly percussed, give no sound.
    9. The sound of the brass band resounded through the town.
  • Examples of sounds
    1. The members’ real innovation is their embrace of a Finnish polkalike genre called humppa, which sounds — well, like it sounds, more or less.
    2. Much more sweeping were the reforms proposed by Sir Thomas Smith (1568), who understandably but wrong-mindedly wanted letter forms to be “pictures” of speech sounds, that is, to have an iconic relationship to the sounds.
  • Examples of sounded
    1. She sounded impersonal as she gave her report of the Nazi death camps.
    2. The English band Crass sounded like a bag of rocks: scrabbly drum rolls, clanky guitars, no bass end, the words a jabbery Cockney caterwaul through endless stanzas of common meter.
    3. But Obama sounded like a cross between a social activist and a flannel-shirted software C.E.O. — as a nonhierarchical, collaborative leader who can inspire autonomous individuals to cooperate for the sake of common concerns.
    4. After my father had a stroke, every time he tried to talk, it sounded like nonsense.
    5. The pitch pipe sounded out a perfect F♯ (F sharp).
    6. He sounded good when we last spoke.
    7. The "e" in "house" isn't sounded.
    8. The whale sounded and eight hundred feet of heavy line streaked out of the line tub before he ended his dive.
    9. When I sounded him, he appeared to favor the proposed deal.
  • Examples of sounding
    1. The sounding bell woke me up.
    2. The sailor took a sounding every five minutes
    3. Little Mary was sounding very sleepy, so I tucked her in bed. ‎
    4. “It looked like she had definitely been wearing nail polish for two weeks,” Ms. Diamond said, sounding distinctly unhorrified.
    5. At the same instant the sounding gallopade of hoofs came from the tranquil roadway leading to the stables.
    6. Dad was the owner of a gold Ford Cortina with a black go-faster stripe and a raunchy-sounding engine.
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