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    1. The other good news: This new song recaptures the sunny feel of "Collapsing," complete with ethereal vocals, lush strings and, of course, plenty of handclaps.
    2. After weeks of practice Alyssa was finally able to hit the high note of her song perfectly.
    3. The band played their hit song to the delight of the fans.
    4. Elvis joins the hit parade this week with his song “Hound Dog”.
    5. The song's hook snared me.
    6. After her swan-song, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. ‎
    7. I stepped outside to smoke myself a J. — Paul Simon, from the song "Late in the Evening"
    8. Debbie lip-synced the theme song to All In The Family. ‎
  • Examples of songs
    1. The songs are new but in keeping with tradition.
    2. Returning to college at 40, he began studying what he called laborlore: the work songs, slang, craft techniques and tales that helped to define the trade unions and create a sense of group identity.
    3. They played a medley of favorite folk songs as an encore.
    4. (This is not to be confused with the microculture of bands like the NESKimos and the Advantage, who perform live versions of Nintendo game songs.)
    5. The songs often start in midstory, packed with more detail than the mind can process.
    6. That started a miniset of Duran Duran songs and electro oldies like the Normals Warm Leatherette, paying tribute while flaunting Duran Duran's pop skills, even in skeletal arrangements.
    7. Just let the "girls" [ … ] sing the hell out of these songs, and don't even try to create miniversions of the musicals they come from.
    8. [ …] some of the aspects of nannydom that are sheer drudgery: changing diapers and washing bottles and singing nonsense songs over and over.
    9. Springsteen then threw himself into his four-song set, a highly anticipated series of songs that had Las Vegas oddsmakers taking bets on which tunes he'd select.
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