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    1. On the fullscreen version of Star Wars Episode II, only Anakin and Obi-Wan appear in the scene because Padmé was panned and scanned out.
    2. The scanned 1978 patient did better than the unscanned 1974 patient in 31% of pairs, whereas the unscanned 1974 patient did better than the scanned 1978 patient in only 7% of pairs.
    3. The music of the measured, scanned verse of Latin and Greek poetry is one thing ; the music of the rhymed, unscanned verse of Villon and the old French poets, la poe'sie chante'e, is another.
    4. He scanned the horizon.
    5. The scanned document was more legible after despeckling.
    6. Band intensities in slot blots and western blots were visualized with ECL (Pierce) and scanned for densitometrical quantification using ImageJ software (National Institutes of Health).

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  1. fr scanne
  2. fr scanné
  3. en canned
  4. en scanner
  5. fr scanner
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