EN[ɹaɪt] [ɹaɪʔ(t̚)] [ɹeɪt] [ɹeɪʔt̚] [-aɪt]

    Examples of right in a Sentence

  • Examples of right
    1. In foil the important thing is to be sure you have the right of way. You gain right of way by starting the attack first or beating the blade last.
    2. "That venerable old ripsnorter defended the right of the clergy to drive fast horses" -- Phil Stong
    3. The fuel tank in the right wing has a small leak, and investigators and salvagers decided to empty it before moving the barge [ … ]
    4. And the Leeds defence, led by the impressive Alex Bruce, was also in determined mood. Jonathan Howson had to clear a Sebastien Squillaci effort off his line and Becchio was also in the right place to hack clear after a goalmouth scramble.
    5. That candidate will never get the job: he's a right scruff.
    6. The hosts remained in second gear after the break although Orient, with impressive Daniels a constant outlet down the right, did at least show a sense of adventure.
    7. Pay any price you have to. We're in a seller's market right now.
    8. Jones will shade a little to the right on this pitch count.
  • Examples of rights
    1. Important types of property include real property (land), personal property (other physical possessions), and intellectual property (rights over artistic creations, inventions, etc.). ‎
    2. The law was a recognition of their civil rights.
    3. When a book goes out of print, rights revert from the publisher to the author. ‎
    4. Sometimes a publisher will automatically revert rights back to an author once a book has gone out of print. ‎
    5. No turning back now rick, you are property of the US government, no longer protected by the bill of rights; you follow the UCMJ now.
    6. The emperors laid a duty upon urine, dust, ordure, dead bodies, smoke, air, &c. There were rights of the turf, the highway, shorage, duties upon carriages, beasts of burden, &c
    7. The slaying of the civil rights activist brought a storm of protest!
    8. Relations between the United States and Guatemala traditionally have been close, although at times strained by human rights and civil/military issues.
  • Examples of righter
    1. The other two [...] are in a righter-than-thou pissing war. -- Geov Parrish, [2] [3].
  • Examples of righted
    1. The tow-truck righted what was left of the automobile.
    2. When the wind died down, the ship righted.
  • Examples of righting
    1. Righting all the wrongs of the war will be impossible.
    2. A self-righting life raft
    3. In short, his wits being quite gone, [Don Quixote] hit upon the strangest notion that ever madman in this world hit upon, and that was that he fancied it was right and requisite, as well for the support of his own honour as for the service of his country, that he should make a knight-errant of himself, roaming the world over in full armour and on horseback in quest of adventures, and putting in practice himself all that he had read of as being the usual practices of knights-errant; righting every kind of wrong, and exposing himself to peril and danger from which, in the issue, he was to reap eternal renown and fame.
  • Examples of rightmost
    1. Start with the rightmost one and work towards the left.
    2. She tried the rightmost door first.
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