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    1. With this phrase Hollywood war horses typically mean that stories are stories, and you can tell them on maxiscreens, miniscreens or fragments of screens fitted to the retina.
    2. In the RPE-choroid there was evidence of wound response in both macular and extramacular regions, whereas in the retina the region of response was limited to the macula, as is the primary visual loss.
    3. The linear labeling continued intraretinally and was seen to be oriented parallel to the surface of the ILM, at variable depths in relation to the retina (Fig 3A).
    4. Due to the merangiotic nature of rabbit retina, most of the blood supply of the inner retina is derived from the choriocapillaris [47 ], which would likely lead to rapid retinal damage, if blocked by a non-permeable implant.
    5. Therefore, we examined the formation of heterokaryons in the entire anterior-posterior neuroaxis: retina, olfactory bulb, cortex, hippocampus, cerebellum, and the spinal cord.
    6. The ocular fundus samples were taken from a paramacular region and placed into a sample holder filled with DMEM, which was placed onto the object mount of the microscope with the retina facing towards the excitation laser.
    7. Access to patient-specific retinal tissue requires an intraocular procedure, called a vitrectomy, followed by detachment of the retina, retinectomy, laser retinopexy and a vitreous substitute to provide a temporary tamponade.
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    1. Whatever the primary spur to the evolution of our rose-colored retinas, we, like most other animals with multichromatic vision, have learned to treat red with respect.
    2. Arteriolar and venular patterning in retinas of mice selectively expressing VEGF isoforms .
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    1. HIV retinae also have increased macular retinal thickness that may be caused by inner retinal edema secondary to retinovascular disease in HIV. The interaction of photoreceptors with the aging RPE, as well as possible low-grade ocular inflammation causing diffuse inner retinal edema, may be the key to the progressive vision changes in HIV-positive patients without overt retinitis.

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