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    1. Use autologin if you don't want to type your password repeatedly.
    2. In the three weeks since, the city has repeatedly relocated evacuees on short notice. To reopen schools, it bused many to armories, turning drill floors into open dormitories for the first time since a 1980s lawsuit halted the practice.
    3. During the Baroque era, Europe was repeatedly plagued by dynastic wars, such as the Spanish and Austrian wars of succession.
    4. Repeatedly ornamented and enriched in succeeding centuries, the church of St. Mark's was at first only the courtchapel of the Doge, who exercised an extensive patronage oversit, [ …]
    5. A piblockto dog gave us considerable trouble today; yelping and barking he repeatedly changed out of the darkness, biting right and left, throwing the different teams into utter confusion.
    6. His recklessness repeatedly put him in danger.
    7. The army tried repeatedly to retake the fort they had been driven from.
    8. Scotland had the territory and the momentum, forcing England into almost twice as many tackles and rattling them repeatedly at set-pieces.

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