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EN[ɹɪˈliːv] [-iːv]

    Examples of relieve in a Sentence

  • Examples of relieve
    1. They had quite a racket devised to relieve customers of their money.
    2. This shall not relieve either Party of any obligations.
    3. I was told by the doctor that a gentleman, who is an orchidectomist in my city, had said the only way to relieve the old man was to remove his testicles.
  • Examples of relieves
    1. And there, while big drops bow the grassy stems, / And bleb the withering hay with pearly gems,/ Dimple the brook, and patter in the leaves, / The song or tale ah hour's restraint relieves.
    2. The mentee occasionally teaches the class, regularly confers with students, conducts optional special study sessions, and relieves the professor of most clerical classroom functions. — Educating Youth for Economic Competence, volume 15, 1958
    3. Belkoff et al. reported that pain reduction was attributable to the immobility and inhibition of micromovements of the fractured fragment and the cytotoxic effect of PMMA, which relieves pain by damaging the terminal nerve.
  • Examples of relieved
    1. Relieved Chelsea halted their worst run of form since 1999 as a stuttering victory over Bolton gave the champions a first league win in seven matches
    2. He was quite relieved to finish the conversation unscathed.
    3. But Miss Thorn relieved the situation by laughing aloud, [ …] . By the time we reached the house we were thanking our stars she had come. Mrs. Cooke came out from under the port-cochere to welcome her.
    4. "In that case," said Archie, relieved, "cheerio, good luck, pip-pip, toodle-oo, and good-bye-ee! I'll be shifting!"
    5. Sicke, sicke, alas! and little lack of dead, / But I be relieved by your beastlyhead. ― Spenser.
    6. He fell back relieved into his favourite camelback with a gin and tonic.
    7. "I always knew it, but I always denied it, because I'm one of them, and I'm like them." ¶"We're just cattle," the Prison Governor said, relieved now.
    8. Alkaline Trio, New Found Glory, Coheed and Cambria, the Starting Line: all have struggled to meet high expectations, and maybe some of them were relieved to be playing this summer’s Warped Tour, nestled among the wannabes and gonnabes.
    9. James and Valentina Sbarra fit the last description, and they are relieved to be able to call themselves successful lowballers.
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