Examples of refusal in a Sentence

  • Examples of refusal
    1. I will not brook any disobedience.   I will brook no refusal. ‎
    2. Any refusal to salute the president shall be counted as an effrontery.
    3. Everything about him suggests it; from his first conversion from the imperial to the papal (and popular) cause, to his great refusal of the kinghood of the city he had taken; "I will not wear a crown of gold where my Master wore a crown of thorns."
    4. In addition to Con Ed’s negligency, the P.r. S.C. has shielded them with bureaucratic delay and the refusal to rule on our petition and bring them to account.”
    5. But in an age of starchitecture, Erickson's refusal to adopt a signature look kept him from achieving the kind of recognition he deserved.
    6. At the time I thought his adamant refusal to give in right.  I hope you won’t think me stupid if I ask you what that means. ‎
    7. H. Richard's refusal to ontologize evil is theologically correct.
  • Examples of refusals
    1. In this totally unexhaustive list, we bring you some of the most controversial manglings and refusals.
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