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  • Examples of record
    1. Jesus answered and said unto them, Though I bear record of myself, yet my record is true: for I know whence I came, and whither I go; but ye cannot tell whence I come, and whither I go.
    2. within five seconds of breaking the record;  within an inch of falling overboard ‎
    3. Lizzie has broken a world record, and is now an Olympic medallist! – Hooray!
    4. He broke the men's 100-meter record.
    5. Even before Hurricane Sandy, New York was sheltering more homeless people than any city in the United States: a record 47,000 women, men and children, in a system strained to the breaking point.
    6. Kim Goodman holds the world record for bugging out her eyes.
    7. I was called a "buffoon" in the paper of record, the New York Times, and the Washington Post described me fondly as "Clinton's gunsel," his button man
  • Examples of records
    1. In preparing the contract, we'll make a carbon copy for our records.
    2. A Jazz at Lincoln Center concert in their honor is almost something to dread: not necessarily because the records are technically beyond reach, but because such an event can quickly become a knowing lob to the fetishizers.
    3. Like almost everyone else in her world, Aya records everything she does with the help of a semi-sentient hovercam (a sort of floating soccer ball that's a cross between R2D2 and Weegee), using the resulting footage to boost her face rank.
    4. Its great development, as well as the use of many small instruments (kithara, flute, etc.), go far to prove that music must have formed a larger part of woman's domestic life than the actual records show.
    5. The spy obtained his phone records using possibly-illegal pretexting methods.
    6. Gavin Ward's tool-assisted speedrun of Sonic 3 & Knuckles has no fewer than 160,027 re-records.
    7. I still like records better than CDs.
  • Examples of recorded
    1. Data on rare TMB anomalies, such as preligamentous and supraligamentous courses of TMB, was recorded from the studies but not included in the meta-analysis.
    2. In the study by Walen et al., the subplatysmal skin flaps were completely raised before the operative time was recorded.
    3. While nine barnacle species are recorded for the German sectors of the North and Baltic Sea [95 ], the total number of thecostracan species inhabiting the North Sea is unknown.
    4. The finding that CNM was recorded only from nymphs, and not from larvae, corresponds well with earlier studies and may suggest that CNM is not transovarially transmitted.
    5. He recorded with his fellow altoist Phil Woods in 2004, formed the Bud Shank Big Band in 2005, and confirmed how creative and uncliched a simple sax-and-piano duo could be in 2006's Beyond the Door, recorded with the pianist Bill Mays.
  • Examples of recording
    1. Asa is in the recording studio, sipping diamond water and laying down some “post-trip-hop galactical Persian vibes”.
    2. The homogenate was centrifuged at 1,500 g for 5 min, and TNAP activity in the supernatant was measured using p-nitrophenyl phosphate pNPP as substrate at pH 10.4 and recording the absorbance of nitrophenolate at 405nm (ԑ is equal to 18.8 mM -1 cm -1 ) [35 ].
    3. The recording system was operating from sunset until 01:00 AM to limit recording time to the first peak of bat activity during the night [39 –40 ] and to allow the collection of data and replacement of batcorders on other, and often quite distant, grassland plots for the next night.
    4. Recording was performed under three visual conditions (eyes open fixating a target: EO, eyes closed: EC and eyes open in perturbed vision with optocinetic stimulation: OPTO) on stable (S) and unstable support surfaces (U).
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