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  • Examples of raise
    1. All those for the motion raise your hands.
    2. I’m leaving unless I get a pay rise (AmE: raise).
    3. He started bucking up everything to management when he didn't get a raise.
    4. After four we raise our swords. One two three four...hup two three four... hup two three four.
    5. (In a poker game): I raise you twenty.
    6. Accounting that God was able to raise him up, even from the dead; from whence also he received him in a figure.
    7. to raise a bobbery
    8. Wind the bobbin, place it in the machine, and raise the thread.
    9. Do you want to raise cattle?
  • Examples of raises
    1. The player to your left immediately raises you the minimum by clicking the raise button. This action immediately suggests that he's on a draw
    2. She raises registered Dalmatians at her kennel.
    3. “If KSR raises the bar for nonobviousness, Judge Stein may need to rethink his conclusion that the Plavix patent is not obvious,” said C. Scott Hemphill, an associate professor of law at Columbia University .
    4. The use of trichinopoly wirework (which was also employed on the 'safety chain' for the Tara brooch) raises the question of the date of the Gaulcross hoard of Pictish silver from Grampian.
    5. Every time I hear him talk, he just raises my hackles.
    6. As backwater from Lake Erie raises the level of Lake St. Clair, so backwater from Lake St. Clair raises the level of Lake Michigan-Huron.
    7. HS occurring after solid organ transplant has been reported rarely in the literature and raises the possibility of HS as a treatment-related neoplasm, as the patient was on long-standing mycophenolate mofetil, or a posttransplant neoplastic disorder.
    8. Thus, trebananib provides a non-VEGF anti-angiogenesis option for the treatment of ovarian cancer and raises the possibility that trebananib could be combined with the VEGF pathway inhibitors, e.g., bevacizumab, in the treatment of ovarian cancer.
  • Examples of raised
    1. She was the granddaughter of the German Jewish banking magnate Jacob H. Schiff and was raised by a distant, unaffectionate mother so filled with assimilationist anxiety that she refused to let her daughter attend the debutante balls of other Jewish girls.
    2. Williams raised to $100 under the gun. ‎
    3. Becker (North) raised to two hearts, when some would inadvisedly jump pre-emptively to three hearts because they had four-card support.
    4. According to one recent audit reported in The Washington Post, among 49 privatized contracts, three out of five were awarded noncompetitively, lacked oversight, and raised questions of legality.
    5. The dog raised its nose questingly.
    6. Sop[hy] Moderato! moderato! Madam. Your Ladyship's absolutely in alt. / L[ady] Scr[ape] In alt! Madam? / Sop[hy] Yes, in alt- Give me leave to tell your Ladyship, that you have raised your voice a full octave higher since you came into the room.
    7. He raised his hand to make his announcement and said "Excuse me everyone, I have an announcement to make."
    8. [ … ] he raised slowly his rounded arms, stretched them gracefully backward and forward, moved his feet with precision and lightness, took a few small steps, made some battements and pirouettes, and disappeared like a butterfly.
  • Examples of raising
    1. Nasalization feeds raising. ‎
    2. Contingency is handled by, for example, managers and nurses, through feedforwarding, that is, by acting anticipatively, and thereby raising the prospect of modifying not just the practical means toward an end, but of modifying the end itself.
    3. The capital raising has been forced by plummeting ferrochrome prices which slumped after Chinese mills cut 55 per cent from the price of the alloy used to make stainless steel.
    4. Myths and religions often ascribe natural forces to supernatural beings, as acts of (a) god(s) or hero(es) shaking the earth, raising a storm or flood etc.
    5. to help at a raising
    6. The students were out raising funds for rag week.
    7. 1990, Bonnie Zimmerman, The Safe Sea of Women: Lesbian Fiction, 1969-1989‎, p. 215: From consciousness-raising to coming out stories to twelve-step programs, the personal narrative has always held a place of honor in our community.
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