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EN[ˈkwɑndədi] [ˈkwɑnɾəɾi] [ˈkwɒn.tɪ.ti] [ˈkwɑntɨti] [ˈkwɑntɨɾi] [ˈkwɑnɾɨɾi] [ˈkwɑnɨɾi]

    Examples of quantity in a Sentence

  • Examples of quantity
    1. ...according to the quantity thereof, we may cess the said rent and allowance issuing thereout.
    2. The police raid uncovered a large quantity of child porn on the teacher's laptop.
    3. She dolloped a generous quantity of mustard on her hot dog.
    4. The flour was doughed with a suitable quantity of water.
    5. 1824, Walter Scott, The Edinburgh Annual Register - 1823[1] : Hircic acid is the odorous principle of soap, made of mutton suet, and it exists in so very small quantity....Its smell resembles that of a goat
    6. Yet, what is being presupposed is not some pre-formed or innate quantity of relevant information in the head of the informee, but just the presence in a of some relevance-detecting capacity, implicit in the description of a as a rational agent.
    7. Many of the young girls are compelled, by their mothers, to devour a great quantity of kouskous, and drink a large bowl of camel's milk every morning....
    8. Even a minuscule quantity of matter contains an incredible amount of mass energy.
  • Examples of quantities
    1. impossible quantities, or imaginary numbers
    2. They found only minute quantities of chemical residue on his clothing. ‎
    3. This plant bottles vast quantities of spring water every day.
    4. A good cook can often just eyeball the correct quantities of ingredients.
    5. Many reactive metals rapidly pump large quantities of active gases because they getter (react with) the gases.
    6. The water sample to be tested has been spiked with arsenic, antimony, mercury, and lead in quantities commonly found in industrial effluents.
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