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EN[ˈpɹɒ.pə(ɹ).ti] [ˈpɹɑpɚtiː]

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  • Examples of property
    1. The solutions are obtained by expressing the metric function in terms of an auxiliary function which satisfies the Laplace equation, a characteristic property of the conformastatic spacetimes.
    2. ...nor were the benefits inconsiderable, which we had conferred on him nor was I lowminded and unambitious enough to aliene his property...
    3. Although IDO is classically recognized for its immunomodulatory property, it has presented nonimmunological effects in some tumors.
    4. [ … ] Irsay, who not only owns the team but property on the mall and favors restreeting.
    5. If he be strong-handed, (has property,) he has the trees felled, about one foot from the earth, dragged into heaps, and made into an immense bonfire.
  • Examples of properties
    1. You're the one being the dick. I'm being a dick by pointing out the dickly properties of someone else?
    2. The physical properties of the different honeys, color, granulation, aroma, flavor, etc., are indicated in the table only in a very general way.
    3. This compound has a number of interesting material properties.
    4. metalline properties
    5. Mixed blood can surprisingly produce inherited properties which neither parent showed
    6. The first was that out-of-area appraisers “didn’t understand the local values”; the second was that they were choosing comparable properties from a pool of foreclosed homes — not exactly indicative of what nondistressed properties might be worth.
    7. nonportfolio income; nonportfolio properties
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