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  • Examples of programme
    1. a posthospital rehabilitation programme for departing patients
    2. We propose to implement a prerecruitment training programme to ensure that the RAs are competent and reliable in conducting the CAM assessment, using validated procedures provided by the instrument developer, who is a member of the study team.
    3. Last night’s programme – the first of a series of three – was another unwayward beast from the Worsley stable.
  • Examples of programmes
    1. Viewers are switching off news and current affairs programmes in droves with shows such as Panorama, Tonight with Trevor McDonald and even Watchdog failing to connect with audiences, a new report claims.
    2. There were greeters handing out programmes at the entryway to the hall.
    3. Television programmes were interrupted by a newsflash announcing that the Prime Minister had resigned.
  • Examples of programmed
    1. For nonmusicians, it’s a way to coax sounds —— often programmed to stay on key no matter what note one actually plays —— out of what may be the only instrumentlike device they ever pick up.
    2. Counion with Him is His desire, not a robotic family who is programmed or shows up out of duty or obligation.
    3. I programmed a small game as a demonstration.
    4. Through her upbringing, Mildred's father had carefully programmed her to expect very little from life.
    5. The senescence is enhanced by exovert pressures and believed to be programmed and controlled by genetic factor.
  • Examples of programming
    1. In the C programming language, the backslash is an escape character; for example, '\n' represents a newline.
    2. In the C programming language, the backslash is an escape character; for example, '\n' is an escape sequence which represents a newline.
    3. In computer programming, the practice of using always references in place of copies of equal objects is known as interning.
    4. In object oriented programming, the mutator function changes the value of the field that gives its name.
    5. Most implementations of the Pascal programming language employed a p-code system to achieve a greater level of machine independence.
    6. The network changed its programming to mess with DVRs again. ‎
    7. Management wanted to know how much programming the project would need. ‎
    8. A robot's programming doesn't allow for love. ‎
    9. I was programming a new module for the software package.
    10. He was programming the VCR.
    11. “I like to say that Wendy has a brashness, a sassiness to her, that she’s loud in a very good way, in look and point of view,” said Lonnie Burstein, the executive vice president of programming at Debmar-Mercury, the production company behind the TV show.
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