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EN[ˈpaʊə(ɹ)] [ˈpaʊ.ə(ɹ)] [ˈpaʊ.ɚ] [ˈpaʊɹ] [ˈpʰaʊ̯ɚ] [ˈpʰaʊ̯ɹ] [-aʊ.ə(ɹ)] [-aʊə(ɹ)]

    Examples of power in a Sentence

  • Examples of power
    1. It has jailed environmental activists and is planning to limit the power of judicial oversight by handing a state-approved body a monopoly over bringing environmental lawsuits.
    2. The advisory committee could only offer advice, but since that was almost always accepted they had real power.
    3. If soul were the material form of the body, it would be no better than the lower "Mundane sprite," which has no animadversive power either.
    4. Federalism itself is an antimajoritarian mechanism for, by devolving power to smaller constituencies, it places some policy issues beyond the reach of the center's majority.
    5. Coming to the third proposition, von Hertling says, with justice, that the doctrine of the balance of power is a more or less antiquated doctrine.
    6. "The Russian trials were Stalin's purges, with which he attempted to consolidate his power. Like most people in the West, I believed these show trials to be the arbitrary acts of a cruel dictator." (Max Born, Letters to Einstein)
    7. When the soul tells and tests by its own archchemic power. — Walt Whitman.
  • Examples of powers
    1. The cabinet had only demissionary status and powers as a caretaker government.
    2. discretionary powers
    3. One does not remember one's birth -- one has to be told. But with me it was different; life came to me full-handed and dowered me with all my faculties and powers.
    4. her godly powers = her superhuman powers
    5. Holmesian powers of observation
    6. motile powers
    7. Not that the noncombative Mr. Tierney ascribes presidential powers to himself.
  • Examples of powered
    1. A second Norwich goal in four minutes arrived after some dire Newcastle defending. Gosling gave the ball away with a sloppy back-pass, allowing Crofts to curl in a cross that the unmarked Morison powered in with a firm, 12-yard header.
    2. The early steam-powered ships also took advantage of sails.
    3. The sculptor Josh Hadar’s hybrid-powered hot rods and superstreamlined pedal cruisers bring new meaning to the word “bespoke.”
    4. Some form of self-steering on a cruising yacht, whether electronic or wind powered, is a necessity if a vessel is to cruise shorthandedly in comfort and safety.
    5. This flaw exists because the financial system necessary for capitalist vitality and vigor — which translates entrepreneurial animal spirits into effective demand for investment — contains the potential for runaway expansion, powered by an investment boom.
    6. In view of the fact that a number of paradigm shifts are required to bring about the authors' vision of sustainable automobility - paradigm shifts in the way cars are made, sold, used and powered - this approach appears inadequate.
    7. Seagate wants to get the UM HDD into Android-powered fondleslabs pronto, though the drive would be just at home in Ultrabooks and other skinny laptops.
  • Examples of powering
    1. Morrison then played a pivotal role in West Brom's equaliser, powering through the middle and feeding Tchoyi, whose low, teasing right-wing cross was poked in by Thomas at the far post
    2. United keeper Edwin van der Sar was the unlikely provider as his clearance found Rooney, who had got ahead of last defender Richard Dunne, and the forward brilliantly controlled a ball coming from over his shoulder before powering a shot past Brad Friedel.
  • Examples of more power
    1. But the purported rise in violent videos online has led some MPs to campaign for courts to have more power to remove or block material on YouTube. The Labour MP Heidi Alexander said she was appalled after a constituent was robbed at knifepoint, and the attackers could be found brandishing weapons and rapping about gang violence online.
    2. The next day he had more power of moving his limbs, and the to and fro sound was thought to be a little less distinct.
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