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  • Examples of point
    1. The bathyphase of the metabolic process ran from late evening until shortly after the subject awoke, with the lowest point recorded in at three o'clock in the morning.
    2. After removing the bench, we can use the mark left on the wall as a reference point.
    3. Indeed, diene 4 was the starting point in our original report on the synthesis of binanes as typified by the production of 6σ-binane from the reaction of quadricyclane 2 with diene 4.
    4. Although the encounter was bathed in sunshine, the match failed to reach boiling point but that will be of little concern to Gerard Houllier's team, who took a huge step forward before they face crucial matches against their relegation rivals.
    5. Even before Hurricane Sandy, New York was sheltering more homeless people than any city in the United States: a record 47,000 women, men and children, in a system strained to the breaking point.
    6. But at this point John Taylor, at least — and I believe he's not alone — has gone full Chewbacca defense.
  • Examples of points
    1. Masoretic points and accents are the vowel points and accents of the Hebrew text of the Bible, of which the first mention is in the Masora.
    2. But Boccieri is not satisfied with a 4 percent share of the roughly 1.5-million-unit market, and introduced a line of midweight putters at the show that he believes will help his company pick up 2 to 3 share points.
    3. Frozen on the distant movie screen is an airplane that points, missilelike, toward the passing train.
    4. Wales claimed their first points in Euro 2012 qualifying with a morale-boosting victory in Cardiff over former Group G joint leaders Montenegro.
    5. “Staff on the Hill certainly use ‘track changes’ on shared documents from the development of multicommittee talking points to the writing of speeches,” he wrote.
    6. a pair of nonjoined points
    7. No ballets are more rewatchable than Balanchine's: to return to them, even after decades of acquaintance, is usually to recognize new points that you'd previously looked at without really seeing.
    8. The article is not exhaustive, but it covers the salient points pretty well.
  • Examples of pointed
    1. When driving round and about Cromer, our flyman pointed out "Poppy Land" to me.
    2. Thommo pointed out on the radio that under normal circumstances the wicket retains moisture beneath a hard surface, and this water is brought to the surface by the heavy roller and causes problems on the first day of a game.
    3. In five minutes, she pointed out the tracks of at least six deer: does with rounded hoofprints, bucks with big pointy prints the length of a man’s finger, fawns with little prints.
    4. He handed the keys to the woman and pointed toward the corner of the lot where the impounds were stored.
    5. And, they pointed out in lawyerspeak, “the subplot in plaintiffs’ screenplay about Gordo and his defecation obsession has no analogue in defendants’ motion picture.”
    6. The needle on the fuel gauge pointed to empty.
    7. By contrast, Ms. Minis pointed out, a nondescendant who had bought an interest in some land in the state’s wildlife management area was being allowed to swap it for a 60-year lease in Hog Hammock.
    8. an onion dome may have a shape that is somewhat more than a half sphere and may be pointed at the top
  • Examples of pointing
    1. You're the one being the dick. I'm being a dick by pointing out the dickly properties of someone else?
    2. The head of the compass needle is pointing due north. ‎
    3. The Ivorian then inexplicably handled the resultant corner and referee Nicola Rizzoli had no hesitation pointing to the spot.
    4. "They went thataway," said Daisy, pointing. — Carola Dunn, Rattle His Bones (2003)
    5. It augered into the water and vanishedunder the surface only to float up again, its keel pointing skyward.
    6. Here we usually find the caballero aiming his pistol in one direction while pointing his reined-in steed in another, as if ready to wheel and dash to safety.
    7. The reporter cornered the politician by pointing out the hypocrisy of his position on mandatory sentencing, in light of the politician's own actions in court.
    8. The peculiar advantages of definition by pointing are only two. First, it is available before any other method is, namely, at the beginning of each symbolizer's life.
    9. A round of applause to Lawrence Downes for pointing out that the premature eroticization of young girls could never happen if their parents woke up and thought about the behavior they’re tolerating — and outright encouraging.
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