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  • Examples of point
    1. The trouble starts when gender (identity) ceases to be a reference point for connecting with a living growing person and is substituted for the person hirself.
    2. The other children constantly antagonized Joe to the point of tears.
    3. He argued his point.
    4. A defeat would have been harsh on the Gunners, especially after an improved rearguard action in the second half, but few could begrudge the German side a point from a match they dominated for long spells.
    5. At some point in the conversation my name came up, and I readily agreed to their proposition.
    6. Opinion of Advocate General Ruiz-Jarabo, Court of Justice of the European Communities, in Case C-443/02, 12 February 2004 (point 54).
  • Examples of points
    1. The team were six points adrift of their rivals. ‎
    2. Every American's origin is, historically speaking, by immigration, if scientific speculation that points to a human origin in Asia and a migration to the New World over frozen Bering Strait turns out to be correct.
    3. Armed with binoculars and wearing a bucket hat covered with antiban buttons — “Keep fighting, Keep hunting,” read one — she knew the best vantage points.
    4. But as Bronstein points out, students who want an apartmentlike experience won't find anything comparable to Loft-Right for the price in Lincoln Park.
    5. But with both sides in the Premier League's bottom three before the game began, the three points at stake made for a cagey match.
    6. Much soul-searching is going on at the west London club who, just seven weeks ago, were five points clear at the top of the table and playing with the verve with which they won the title last season.
    7. It was impossible but that the vast mass must have been subjected to climateric influences; ruptures must surely have taken place at some points.
  • Examples of pointed
    1. pointed (as in He has pointed at the dog.)
    2. pointed (as in A needle has a pointed end. - the end of a needle has a point.)
    3. The British government has been more diplomatic but no less pointed, arguing that a body led by the European Central Bank is likely to be too eurocentric.
    4. [ …] a lonely figure was pointed out by a one-time machine follower, whose efforts to get aboard the "bandwagon" were pathetic. "Not a man has spoken to him in two hours," announced the would-be bandwagoner feverishly.
    5. Place the plaque of conical molds, pointed side down, onto clean, empty, cardboard egg crates to support the molds so that they stand perfectly vertical.
    6. We also briefly study the role of nonisochronicity parameter on chimera states, where the existence of multi-chimera state with respect to the coupling range is pointed out.
  • Examples of pointing
    1. The traditional Thai greeting, the wai, is generally offered first by the youngest of the two people meeting, with their hands pressed together, fingertips pointing upwards as the head is bowed to touch their face to the hands.
    2. He returned at last, and pointing to a tree that stood over on the far side of the foredraft which led up to the farm,… — A Modern Antaeus, 1901
    3. He was standing on the offside of his horse, holding up the flap of his saddle, with the surcingle loosened, and was pointing to the girths. Close to their attachment to the saddle they had been almost cut through with a knife.
    4. He told the bartender, pointing at the bottle of scotch he planned to consume, "Leave it, I'm going to kill the bottle."
    5. "Don't overpass those cheeses; they're really quite excellent!" gushed Terry, pointing to the buffet table.
    6. Bear off a little, we're pointing. ‎
    7. The Soviets also distributed flyers pointing out the mujahidin resistance was financed by the U.S.
    8. True, he's a little young for full curmudgeonhood, but he's been working tirelessly at it for years, and he takes a gadfly's delight in pointing out that this or that emperor has no clothes.
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