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  • Examples of plural
    1. ( in the plural ) The relationship between women whose children marry each other; the mother of the bride vis-à-vis the mother of the groom.
    2. ( in the plural ) The relationship between people who marry siblings.
    3. ( in the plural ) The relationship between people whose siblings marry each other.
    4. "Are" is the first-person plural of the verb "to be".
    5. The word pigs consists of two morphemes: pig (a particular animal) and s (indication of the plural).
    6. The word werewolves' consists of four morphemes: "were" (~ man), "wolf" (a particular animal), "es" (plural), and " ' " (indicating possessive).
    7. Those scissors are sharp. (indicating singular or plural scissors)
    8. "habt" is the second person plural of the German verb "haben"
    9. "Are" is the second-person plural of the verb "to be".
    10. siloviki (plural) the security services which make up one wing of the Russian government.
    11. siloviki (plural) security-service personnel from any country or nationality.
  • Examples of more plural
    1. Although the nation was far more plural than Canada in the number of its Christian groups

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