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EN[ˈpleɪə(ɹ)] [-eɪə(ɹ)]

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  • Examples of player
    1. The tennis player seeded into the quarters.
    2. The player had four service faults in the set. ‎
    3. The coach sidelined the player until he regained his strength.
    4. In the first half we had a sideline cut, and as the ball was dropping in I could tell the Tipp player in front of me was gone up too early for it and wasn't going to get to it.
    5. The l, 2, and 4 players run picks; the picks are set to free up the 1 player for a sideline cut.
    6. The tennis player was accused of taking bribes to throw the match. ‎
    7. I used to be a great chess player but I've lost my touch.
  • Examples of players
    1. Different from casual whistling, puccalo is considered a musical instrument that players can master to perform many kinds of music—from classical and jazz to blues and rock.
    2. This new game is reported to have excellent replayability, with many features that draw players into the game's engaging world.
    3. Yet it was not easy, on the balance of play, to be convinced by Pellegrini and his defeated players that the reprieve might somehow be a defining moment over the two legs.
    4. If one players plays a trump, the others must return a trump. ‎
    5. The Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat because their team had solid role players like J.J. Berea and Shawn Marion.
    6. Now I don’t wish ill will on any golfer —— well, maybe that one sandbagger in my weekly league —— but there’s something about watching players with perfect swings and the utmost talent intimidated by an expanse of water just like the rest of us.
    7. Many great players started out playing sandlot baseball. (This example uses the adjectivized form).
    8. Founded in 1975 and led by the violinist Richard Tognetti since 1989, the orchestra looks youthful and hip onstage, its players clad in varying shades of black semiformality.
    9. given a coalitional game with a set N of n players and a worth function .
    10. The players came to the stadium for the morning shootaround.
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