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  • Examples of phrase
    1. This term would be useful as a phrase-book entry.
    2. a triverbal phrase
    3. This is a contraction of the original phrase, 'inside and out', as in: She understands quantum mechanics inside and out.
    4. Though derived from a verb phrase, "kickass" can be used interjectionally.
    5. Conrad: I am not sure if this phrase is commonly used...
  • Examples of phrases
    1. From the same lips the honied phrases fall That still are bitter from cascades of gall.
    2. The single-word/multi-word distinction involves what is most plausibly a difference in terminal elements among items of the same category type (e.g. adjective phrases).
    3. In the phrases ‘I am running tomorrow’ and ‘I am running now,’ the main verb is in the non-past tense.
    4. The genius, in the French sense, of creole is its tendency to form phrases with a minimum of connectives, often through the use of suffixive combinations [ …]
    5. But it is Mr. Romney who has most thoroughly incorporated such sunbeamy phrases and anecdotes into his repertory on the stump.
    6. to amass a treasure or a fortune; to amass words or phrases
    7. "I appeal to the working men of Great Britain..not to be misled by catch-phrases about ‘the liberty of the subject’ and the ridiculous cant about a ‘Blood Tax’!"
  • Examples of phrased
    1. As James Rosenzweig, director of the office of disease management at the Joslin Diabetes Center in Boston, phrased it, using the technical terminology, weight gain on insulin therapy can result from the direct lipogenic effects of insulin on adipose tissue, independent of food intake.
    2. For group actions on hyperbolic CAT(0) square complexes, we show that the acylindricity of the action is equivalent to a weaker form of acylindricity phrased purely in terms of stabilisers of points, which has the advantage of being much more tractable for actions on non-locally compact spaces.
  • Examples of phrasing
    1. He is one of India’s more celebrated younger musicians, prized especially for the vocalistic phrasing of his raga improvisations.
    2. That phrasing is a beauty.
    3. He could fold the full pitch range of the horn into a short solo, from altissimo to the lowest notes, and connect rarefied ideas to the rich, soulful phrasing of saxophonists like Junior Walker.
    4. If we can take the liberty of reducing Govani's clever phrasing and paper-thin beards to plain English, Linda Evangelista is a simpleton, Margaret Atwood is a pretentious bore and Angelina Jolie is a goat-like masticator.
    5. use concise military verbiage – G.S. Patton Usage note: because of the pejorative connotation of the primary definition of "verbiage" it is preferred to use "diction," "phrasing," etc. to describe the manner in which something is expressed in words.
    6. The tall, elegant Mr. Burnett unfurled his limbs in the precise yet fluid phrasing employed by voguers.
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