EN[ˈpɹsn̩] [ˈpɝsən] [ˈpɜːsən] [-ɜː(ɹ)sən]

    Examples of person in a Sentence

  • Examples of person
    1. a person who works nondaytime shifts
    2. For Aucklanders who know what it means, this person is a Westie. — [1]
    3. Cognitive dissonance exists when a person possesses two cognitions, one of which is contradictory to the other
    4. You're like the realest person I've ever met.
    5. Then how about this: How about out-adulting the person who's driving you crazy. In other words, being the bigger adult.
    6. The choice of the Aloha Camps was a happy one; but Mrs. Gulick should be designated as camp director instead of camp mother. Camp mother is used to designate the person in charge of midgets at a boys' camp.
    7. The LD person may face a task in some way related to cross-handedness.
  • Examples of people
    1. Pookie: "They call it the "Enterprise Room", man, because it's for people who wanna be beamed up to Scotty."
    2. Many people had looked but it was unusual to see these searches bearing fruit.
    3. Three people were hurt in the fire at the warehouse last night, which begs the question: what were they doing there in the first place?
    4. Are these "statistics" they cite verifiable, or are they just blowing smoke, trying to scare people?
    5. The police are hoping to find the people who burned down the cottage.
    6. After six months of twelve-hour workdays, most people just burn out and quit.
    7. I can't stand people who smoke in public places.
    8. Malaria carried off many people.
  • Examples of persons
    1. God is no exceptor of persons; a soul is a soul, whether it be the soul of a pontiff, a king or a sage, or the soul of the unborn babe of the last woman of the people.
    2. As persons, therefore—gigantic individualities—they wheeled into the feudal ranks and assumed feudal powers and responsibilities.
    3. All manner of persons participate. ‎
    4. The persons of whom I speak have a terror of the very name and mention of the law. They are the morbid subjects of a kind of nomophobia, being in danger of going into fits at every allusion to it[...].
    5. The demographer noted each persons' gender, age, and nuptiality.
  • Examples of personed
    1. three-personed God
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