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EN[pər.ˈfɔrm] [pə.ˈfɔːm] [pɚ.ˈfɔɹm] [-ɔː(ɹ)m]

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  • Examples of perform
    1. A 600μL blood sample acquired in hirudinized tubes (Sarstedt) was obtained to perform ADP and TRAP tests in each patient.
    2. Although it takes slightly longer to perform than midline laparostomy, same principles of managing the open abdomen can be applied without additional equipment.
    3. Occasionally they perform in a club act, which is a mickey-take of The Chippendales. They do a strip routine and call themselves The Chipolatas.
    4. We routinely perform radical resections of oesophageal carcinomas with an intrathoracic oesophagogastrostomy.
    5. We also perform IR-VIS absorbance measurements and find that the results suggest that during irradiation some of the dye molecules form dimers and trimers and that the polymer host is irreversibly damaged by photooxidation and Norrish type I photocleavage.
    6. They all perform well in terms of segmentation accuracy, but vary in regard to the other desiderata: GBH captures object boundaries best; SWA has the best potential for region compression; and TSP achieves the best undersegmentation error.
    7. Therefore, it is very difficult to detect multiresidues and perform unknown material analysis of β-agonists by the antibody-based immunoassay methods.
    8. Even though no obvious staining was observed in our case, contact with the vapor was still found to perform very faint etching at a submicrometric scale.
  • Examples of performs
    1. If the newer version performs as well for half the cost, the decision is a no-brainer.
    2. When a male patas observes a predator approaching its group, he performs a noisy display, shaking the branches and overtly calling attention to himself.
    3. He will need lots of practice with the lines before he performs them.
    4. The algorithm performs several rerankings before reaching the optimal result.
    5. The Lindsey Septet performs at Carnegie Hall this evening.
    6. Playing the sintir (a long-necked, resonant lute), Mr. Hakmoun leads spellbinding trance ceremonies, and with castanets around his ankles, performs acrobatic dances.
    7. Chicago-bred new-jack soulstress Chantay Savage performs material from her just-released debut Here We Go (RCA).
    8. Rabbi Feller, who performs 80 to 100 each year, remembers a June 2007 tripleheader when she officiated at morning and early afternoon ceremonies on the East Side, followed by another at the Central Park Boathouse.
  • Examples of performed
    1. The team performed well even in unexperienced situations.
    2. These gestures, performed with the nonchalance of a daily chore, appeared and disappeared arrhythmically, weaving an intricate texture.
    3. He performed before the troops in North Africa.
    4. Once the final experiment had been performed, the theory was conclusively proved.
    5. The computer performed crappily this morning.
    6. He performed the piece remarkably, offering novel interpretations to its nearly cliched passages.
    7. As for Blue, spunkily performed by Sachs, what can be said for a female character who wants her man to kill her with his dick?
    8. The employee performed stellarly.
    9. That the Clash never performed at Glastonbury is more upsetting still, not least because Joe Strummer was 'a good friend of ours'. 'They were meant to play,' says Eavis, tugging at his unfeasibly tight blue shorts.
  • Examples of performing
    1. While waiting for the bus, I amused myself by performing a mime interpretation of the Gettysburg Address.
    2. John was awkward at performing the trick. He'll have to practice to improve.
    3. The multiplications on this fragment show four of the basic techniques used by the Egyptian scribe in performing calculations: doubling, halving, decupling, and "taking two-thirds".
    4. A surgeon performing an operation may make empractical utterances to her assistant to request tools, such as "scalpel".
    5. Later, raising her arms overhead like a gymnast, Ms. Olson sprints across the stage, only to chicken out, performing a barely perceptible, hiccuplike jump.
    6. II. A second argument on which the practice of immersion is confidently based is the alleged admissions of pædobaptist writers in favour of that mode of performing the ordinance.
    7. His technical skills were limited to performing percussive maintenance: hitting malfunctioning equipment in the hope that it will then work.
    8. During the early, pretheater period (ca. 700-1350), both religious and secular performing arts prospered.
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