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  • Examples of paint
    1. There were a few flakes of paint on the floor from when we were painting the walls.
    2. The paint flaked off after only a year.
    3. To flyspeck, you need an old toothbrush, the paint color of your choice, glazing medium, a palette knife, and a mixing surface such as a palette or plastic container.
    4. He put a glob of paint into the cup and went on painting.
    5. The white paint on the walls helps make the room look brighter. ‎
    6. That is one horse's ass of a paint job.
    7. Latex paint won't keep indefinitely. ‎
    8. After the first coat of paint dried, he applied another layer.
    9. a lick of paint; to put on colours with a lick of the brush
  • Examples of paints
    1. In all these he paints only the one woman, of concentrated, unconsidering passion, ready to sacrifice heaven and defy hell for a guilty man, beloved in spite of religion or reason.
    2. Jim's aunt paints beautiful watercolours.
    3. The levels of lead in marine hull paints are still unacceptably high.
    4. Drying oils are used as the bases of many paints and varnishes.
    5. Although it is both transitive and intransitive, paint is not an ergative verb, because when we say "Bob paints", this is very different from when we say "Bob gets painted".
    6. 2008 May/Jun, Erin Barnes, “Glossed Over”, E: The Environmental Magazine, volume 19, number 3, page 21: Every day we are exposed to low doses of phthalates in food containers, perfumes, hairsprays, floorings, paints, toys and medical devices.
    7. No two mixings of these paints are ever the same.
    8. She paints and powders.
    9. Turpentine or mineral spirits can be used as a thinner for oil based paints.
  • Examples of painted
    1. I took a big piece of paper and then just painted flowers all over the place.
    2. It's the watered-down versions you cant look at: the lacquered baroquey mirror, the dining room table with the zebra rug under it, those Chippendale chairs, the dark-painted walls.
    3. The dinghy was trailing astern at the end of its painter, and Merrion looked at it as he passed. He saw that it was a battered-looking affair of the prahm type, with a blunt snout, and like the parent ship, had recently been painted a vivid green.
    4. [ … ] the dim, tall, blocklike shadows behind the trees make it start to look, weirdly, as if this were Central Park as painted by Vuillard.
    5. The fore was painted white.
    6. 1972: The inside walls would be beautifully painted and hung with tapestries, and every cross-timber or falcon's perch was carved and gewgawed with toads, snakes, dragon shapes, deer, cows, pigs, trees, trolls. — John Gardner, Grendel (London 1972, p. 31)
  • Examples of painting
    1. It’s impossible to find the center of a Hella song, which explodes in multidirectional streaks of percussion and squawky guitar like a Jackson Pollock painting.
    2. The painting is abstract, but the colors are suggestive of fruit or the Mediterranean. ‎
    3. This painting is an exquisite example of suprematistic art.
    4. I'm not a big fan of watercolour; I much prefer oil painting.
    5. [ … ] John Currin moved from painting yearbookish images of anonymous girls to painting outrageously goofy pictures of women with ridiculously oversize breasts.
    6. As a chaser, consider the curatorially smart juxtaposition in the nearby Andrea Rosen Gallery: there a 1968 shaped painting by Robert Mangold and a sculpture by Richard Prince based on a 2005 car hood similarly benefit from each other’s company.
    7. I'll wait while you've finished painting. ‎
    8. the accord of light and shade in painting
    9. Knowing what he wants his audience to both think and feel when viewing his painting; the artist creates an image that will produce aesthetic emotion.
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