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EN[ˈpeɪn.tɪŋ] [-eɪntɪŋ]

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  • Examples of painting
    1. In the painting, the enslaved and (as conjectured by historian Steven Weisenburger) sexually abused Margaret Garner betrays her liaison with her owner Archibald Gaines with an exposed, openhanded gesture toward him.
    2. The use of simple, primary colors in the painting gave it a parochial feel.
    3. a peristrephic painting of a panorama
    4. "The painting uses polylineal writing to create a brown texture over the lower third of the canvas."
    5. He spent hours painting the eyes of the portrait, which his fellow artists regarded as a bit precious. ‎
    6. His painting his name of my car was more than regrettable, it was criminal.
    7. Each 16-by-13-inch painting has a wall to itself, creating a sanctuarylike environment.
    8. Secco painting, or painting in secco, is painting on dry plaster, as distinguished from fresco painting, on wet or fresh plaster.
  • Examples of paintings
    1. Prehistoric artists used hand-prints in cave paintings, perhaps as as 'signature'. They might be considered the earliest example of a biometric identifier.
    2. Over the next two years he finished two paintings and a drawing that referred to Hart Crane, the American poet who jumped off a ship in midsea and drowned.
    3. The Mona Lisa is one of the most famous paintings. ‎
    4. A reinventor of rephotography, Mr. Prince has cannily parlayed his jaundiced view of society, especially its macho subcultures, into an array of market-friendly paintings and sculpture.
    5. Three irreplaceable paintings were stolen from the gallery. ‎
    6. This seems simplistic, as [ … ] his oeuvre is as obsessed with death as a museum full of trecento paintings.
    7. The paintings seem concerned, if understatedly, about despoliation and other human tweakings of the landscape.
    8. The ceiling is covered with paintings of scriptural subjects, which still remain, notwithstanding that the building is now desecrated, and used as a woodhouse by the neighboring farmer.
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