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EN[ˈʌvən] [-ʌvən]

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  • Examples of oven
    1. La Granita is a new trattoria on the Upper East Side with a charcoal grill, a rotisserie and a wood-burning pizza oven.
    2. When she saw smoke coming from the kitchen, the old woman came in on the dead run to remove the burned loaf of bread from the oven.
    3. Her parents were surprised to learn that she had a bun in the oven.
    4. to superheat an oven
  • Examples of ovens
    1. The UNIFEM project sought to introduce chorkor fish-smoking ovens because they were more efficient than the existing methods used in Konakry.
    2. Each pays $230 a month for the crowded living space that is mostly taken up by three beds and a mattress on the floor. Ms. Silva and her roommates do most of their cooking in microwave ovens; they have wireless Internet and access to the motel pool and waterslide.
    3. The large supply of natural gas at Chicago permitted underfiring the batteries of the Chicago By-Product Coke Oven Plant with a mixture of producer gas and natural gas. [ …] The mixing of by-product coke oven gas with blast furnace gas to correct the varying thermal deficiencies of the latter when used to underfire coke ovens is patented by Becker.
    4. The lowered demand for coke during the depression, the necessity of maintaining the gas output and the ready availability of liquefied petroleum gas for underfiring led to the conversion of the North Shore coke plant of Becker ovens at Waukegan, Illinois, to this fuel. [ …] The thermal efficiency of the underfiring was about five per cent lower and somewhat more attention was required to keep the ovens in balance.
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