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    1. So if the child now represents these instances as being blickets, she represents them as being more similar to each other than they seemed previously.
    2. Cess is none other than that which you yourself called imposition...
    3. To Sebastian's pleasure, he had remained a confirmed bachelor, for many years with no one other than a few now deceased sexual partners, the now deceased detective, Arek Mannheim and the elusive Gustav Barnas knowing his true sexual preference.
    4. [ … ] when a gay man really does die of something other than AIDS, as in the case of Tom Norton, the popular coowner of Unabridged Books, festering doubt will plague his memory.
    5. It's true - I don't consider anything other than root-beer with vanilla ice-cream to be a "real" float.
    6. Now, other than the fact that that is bureaucratic gobblygook written by somebody whose fourth language must be English.
    7. One purpose of a traditional memo or e-mail is to provide essential information quickly and easily, so there is no restriction, other than appearance or practicality, on the number or variety of guidewords you include.
    8. What you just said clearly indicates impulsive speech, which is not listening to me because you're only thinking of what you want to say next. If you had listened, you would've known to say something other than that.
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