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EN[ˈʌðə(ɹ)] [ˈʌðɚ] [ˈaðə] [-ʌðə(r)]

    Examples of other in a Sentence

  • Examples of other
    1. One sample, W52 (fabric group 3), separates out from the other sherds, which overlap with a considerable amount of intrasample variation.
    2. Coronary angiography was performed, showing severe intrastent restenosis in mid portion of LAD and mild lesions on the other arteries.
    3. On the other hand 1880 markers from spurious group account for 11.6% of total markers that exceed the range of 0.2–1.4% of markers prescribed[sic] to intravarietal heterogeneity.
    4. Introspectability cannot be the mark of the mental because one can introspect physical states, like indigestion or other internal physical events in the body.
    5. More recently, other biological drugs, such as ustekinumab, ixekizumab, tofacitinib, secukinumab and briakinumab, have targeted immunological mediators of the disease.
  • Examples of others
    1. Some cannot stop themselves from embellishments — pecans, chocolate shavings, drizzles of caramel — and others feel compelled to place large chunks of unsliced bananas in their pies, forcing the involvement of a butter knife.
    2. He stood there, with upraised glass, waiting for others to join him in a toast; holding the glass as though it were his upraised sword, challenging others to show disprespoect to one he honored.
    3. The Forerunner 305 by Garmin (at Amazon.com , $217.99, among others) is a watchlike G.P.S. device that can help travelers keep up with their exercise regimes in unfamiliar places.
    4. A well-mannered gentleman always allows others first.
    5. Doing volunteer work to help others is truly worth one's while.
    6. Doing volunteer work to help others is truly worthwhile.
    7. Of course some areas are more dangerous than others, but all things considered Glasgow is quite a safe place to live. ‎
    8. There have been others, from Kenny Anderson to Felipe Lopez, but one also wonders: How much better might Marbury, whose all-star talent remains unquestioned, have fared attitudinally in the pros without the early fawning?
  • Examples of othered
    1. "Rican" is code for its homonym, "redskin,"' through which they othered this non-Mexican ethnic group.
  • Examples of most other
    1. Whatever the primary spur to the evolution of our rose-colored retinas, we, like most other animals with multichromatic vision, have learned to treat red with respect.
    2. I only use the library for the encyclopedia, as we’ve got most other books here.
    3. Being one of the most southerly parts of the UK, the Isle of Wight has a milder subclimate than most other areas.
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