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EN[ˈʌðə(ɹ)] [ˈʌðɚ] [ˈaðə] [-ʌðə(r)]

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  • Examples of other
    1. But ongoing efforts to sequence genes from other fishes, including salmon and swordtail, will also help to test the theory, Postlethwait says.
    2. $ is the symbol for dollars in the US and some other countries.
    3. Some of the phrasal adverbs have assumed the form of single words, by that symphytism which naturally attaches these light elements to each other. — Earle.
    4. Syrts may be separated from each other by higher ridges, and may serve as water divides between drainage basins for larger rivers.
    5. The coincidence in modern tongues between harmony, as spoken of sounds, with any other concordance or systematicity— is one derived from ancient Greek sources and roots [ … ] .
    6. if you are up to par, which is my discretion, i will find an exciting part with other attractive taco bumpers that will suit your needs.
    7. Old couples sometimes will play tapes at each other during a fight.
  • Examples of others
    1. These factors may include: population heterogeneity, age, genetics, polyparasitism, time of study, parasitological technique used, personal hygiene practices, climate, and altitude among others [27 , 28 ].
    2. Some Megastigmus species target conifer species with ovules at prefertilization stages, others target conifers with ovules that are post-fertilization [16 ].
    3. Depending on the degree of polymerization, dipolymer–tetramers are usually called oligomeric procyanidins, and others are usually called procyanidolic polymers [45 ].
    4. In addition, we and others previously reported that Src inhibitors such as saracatinib (AZD0530) or dasatinib, while effective in inhibiting metastasis, are generally not inducers of apoptosis, which is in part due to their ability to induce autophagy.
    5. A similar value was predicted earlier based on semiquantitive considerations by others (e.g. [39 , 81 ]).
    6. And a gorgeous little glass cup in the show — it is purplish-brown, with protruding sensorlike knobs that make it resemble Sputnik — compares to others that ended up in Chinese tombs, Japanese temples and the treasury of San Marco in Venice.
    7. While Microsoft and others to try to revive the market with new designs and tabletlike models, in the most recent quarter worldwide PC shipments fell 10.8 percent from the year before, according to IDC.
    8. Some have been ruled out as false; others are merely unconfirmable.
    9. In some most parsimonious trees the Liaoning dromaeosaurids form a clade, but in others various species are more closely related to the dromaeosaurine and velociraptorine clade.
  • Examples of othered
    1. "Rican" is code for its homonym, "redskin,"' through which they othered this non-Mexican ethnic group.
  • Examples of most other
    1. Whatever the primary spur to the evolution of our rose-colored retinas, we, like most other animals with multichromatic vision, have learned to treat red with respect.
    2. I only use the library for the encyclopedia, as we’ve got most other books here.
    3. Being one of the most southerly parts of the UK, the Isle of Wight has a milder subclimate than most other areas.
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