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    1. There is a soft-mat seat (which originally had a palm fiber underwebbing) supported by three curved transverse braces.
    2. The lights seen over the city last night, originally termed unidentified flying objects, turned out to be spotlights from a car dealership reflecting on low clouds.
    3. Though originally considered genuine, the diaries are now generally considered a work of fiction.
    4. So then to conclude, though man bee Gods hand, and inſtrument, to inaugure, inthronize, and inueſt, yet is it God alone, that doth originally ordaine, inſtitute, and appoint.
    5. The Latin form, templum, from which the English temple is derived, originally signified an uncovered area marked off by boundaries; especially the place marked off by the augurs to be excepted from all profane uses."
    6. The lightning spell was originally pretty powerful, but in the sequel they nerfed it so it became completely useless.
    7. Such networks determine regulation complexity in various ways and may coadapt to different functions than they originally evolved for.
    8. The existence of a solution to this problem is related to the notion of conglomerability, originally introduced by Dubins to study finitely additive conditional probability.
    9. The devil's rope was originally designed to keep cows from roaming, Indians from encroaching, and the cowboys from singing their lonesome ballads.

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