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    1. My grandfather was originally scheduled to travel on the ill-fated last voyage of the RMS Lusitania, but thankfully had to change his plans at the last minute.
    2. Penultimate, the. — Beginning with the lowest card but one of the suit you lead originally, if it contains more than four cards.
    3. Originally each school was bound only by self-made rules.
    4. A re-issue of the Examples of the Architecture of Venice. By John Ruskin... With the Text, and the 16 Plates (10 Steels and 6 Lithographs) as originally published.
    5. NSA's report on the Liberty incident was originally classified top secret.
    6. Originally considered unairable, the long-lost series was eventually released on DVD.
    7. The names originally withheld from the report, have been leaked.
    8. All the four zero-days originally were reported to Microsoft, affecting Internet Explorer on the desktop.

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